Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

If you are someone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma or other breathing issues, a thorough duct cleaning could help alleviate some of their symptoms. Almost every customer who has had a duct cleaning in their home has told us that they feel this has helped.

Air Chandler specializes in furnace and duct cleaning. This is a new service that we have invested heavily in because we have come to understand the importance of quality breathing air in the home. We use state of the art equipment to perform the cleaning. We use reverse air sweeps, cable brushes and pneumatic air whips to clean the interior of the ductwork. All the dirt and debs is swept into a 12 inch pipe which is connected to a HEPA vacuum unit. We tie the pipe into the supply and return plenums so nothing is pulled into the furnace.

There are other duct cleaning services in the area, unfortunately most of them don’t have the proper equipment or trained technicians. Our air sweep, cable brushes and air whip systems pull all the dirt and debris into a $10,000 vacuum designed for duct cleaning. This is not the ordinary wet dry vac with a brush on the end that many of our competitors use.

Air Chandler is the only licenced and authorized duct cleaning service in the area. Others cannot get into your coils and blower. Thus this is a total resource removal service. In other words a "complete cleaning" We treat your coils for mold and deodorize all of your duct work. We spend aproximately 4 hours per system to ensure that your system is as clean as it can be! We even are capable of doing commercial dryer vent cleaning

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Duct Cleaning before and afterDuct Cleaning before and after

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